Slate is a Timeless Natural product evolving over eons in Mother Earth’s Crust and is very Popular worldwide for Flooring and Wall purposes. However due to Slate stone being available in the form of Slabs / Tiles, it has a limited use.

SAPLESTON is basically Stone Veneer made from Natural Slate Stone and having a thickness of 1.5-2.0mm !!!

SAPLESTON is made using a special proprietary technology with which thin layers of 1mm thickness can be split from slate stone. Fibre Glass backing is fused onto the stone veneer’s backside to make the final product.

With a total thickness of 1.5-2.0mm, SAPLESTON opens up new, Exciting and Unexplored Possibilities for all Interiors & Exteriors.

Innovative GREEN Engineering

Reduce Carbon Emissions SAPLESTON product weighs substantially less than their standard stone counterparts. With SAPLESTON at 1.65 kgs per m2, this is 1/20 of the weight of the standard 3/8” slate! As a result, transport costs and carbon emissions are dramatically reduced.

Efficient Natural Resource Usage

All natural stone being Slate, Granite, Marble or Sandstone are non-renewable resources which should be used with responsible efficiency. Our stone veneer is many times thinner than standard product and therefore increase the usage efficiency exponentially!

Being a Natural product, SAPLESTON is an Environment Friendly product and a “Must-Have” for every GREEN Home.

SAPLESTON is available in 14 different exciting colors for all diverse needs and lasts a Lifetime. It requires low or negligible maintenance. Because of its Light Weight & High Strength it is particularly suited for High-Rise Buildings.