benefits of using sapleston

  • SAPLESTON offers a Wide Application Range both for Interiors and Exteriors.
  • Being Flexible, SAPLESTON can be used for almost every possible application.
  • Being Light weight (yet offering High Strength), SAPLESTON is particularly suited for High-Rise Buildings.
  • SAPLESTON is very easy to work with. It can be Shaped / Contoured / Profile Wrapped even on Intricate Designs.
  • Being easy to work with, SAPLESTON can be fitted in a very short period of time as compared to other paneling products.
  • Slate being a Natural product, SAPLESTON is Environment Friendly product and a “Must-Have” for every Green Home.
  • Being a Natural Product, SAPLESTON has a very long life.
  • SAPLESTON does not require any special tools for its fitment. All standard Wood working / Stone working Tools are suitable for working with it.
  • SAPLESTON is the perfect answer to those looking for a “RAW” & “MINIMALISTIC” look for their Interiors.
  • Being a Natural Stone, SAPLESTON offers Protection as compared to Wood Paneling products in the unfortunate event of a Fire.
  • SAPLESTON is very COST EFFECTIVE in terms of its Supply / Storage / Application and Transportation.
  • SAPLESTON can be used and applied onto a diverse and wide range of materials like – Concrete / Wood / Metal / Plywood / MDF / HDF
    / Ceramic / Dry Walls / Painted Surfaces.